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Things I use (or have used) Youtube for:

1. Watching music videos.

2. Watching cute animal videos.

3. Watching tutorials on various subjects.

4. Looking up theme tunes to/clips of kids tv series I watched when I was younger.

As you can probably see, I’ve not really considered Youtube in terms of libraries. I like the idea of uploading a induction or tour to Youtube, especially for our many students or visitors who come to the faculty to do short courses and do not have time for an official library induction.

I’ve downloaded individual podcasts in the past, but I’m not regularly subscribed to any (which probably defeats the point of them!). I mostly use them when I’m going to be spending lots of time on the bus/train. I think Podcasting would be most useful for distance students who do not spend a lot of time at sessions in person. It could be used for news updates/new books, but I think something like an RSS feed would be less time consuming to make.

I was quite impressed with the selection of library podcasts from the sites listed on the cam23 blog. I especially liked the ones available from the University of Aberdeen site. I think a podcast tour of a library and it’s functions would work really well for a large library.

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