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This is the Thing I’ve been dreading writing a post on, and I couldn’t even think of an interesting title for it!

Cam23 has shown me that marketing using social media can be pretty powerful. Social networking has becoming increasingly popular, for many people checking sites like Twitter and Facebook has become part of their everyday routine. Social Networking sites allow libraries to form a link with readers, as well as inform them.

I think out of the tools we have looked at during Cam23, Facebook is would be the most successful platform for marketing (alongside the Library’s Official web page). I think one of Facebooks greatest strengths is how flexible the content can be. It can be used to store basic information such as opening hours, but also to post pictures of displays, new book titles, videos and other content that may not appear on the main library web page.  Updates can be made quickly, making it a good way to announce news and events. Blogs and Twitter are also a great way of making announcements. I don’t think it’s necessary for every library to have all of these things though as they all take time to set up and maintain. Although it’s important to keep sites like Facebook and Twitter up to date  with interesting content to gain the most from them, it shouldn’t become to time consuming.

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I was going to use a picture of the blue twitter bird for this post, but the urge to post a cute bird Pokemon prevailed.

I’ve got a twitter account for my hobby blog, which I’ve used for a while. I don’t update it as often as   I’d like, but when I do it’s usually to tweet about pictures I’ve posted on Flickr (as you can link the two together by using the ‘blog about’ function on Flickr).  I’ve installed the twitterfeed on my iGoogle, and I’m going to try one of the desktop clients at home. Hopefully by exploring it a bit more, I’ll find more and more benefits and uses for Twitter in libraries.  My Cam23 tweets can be found over here and I’ve added a shiny new ‘Follow Me’ button to my blog page.

I found twitter became more interesting and useful as I added people to follow.  It’s a good way to get information, especially when people post links to blogs/websites of relevance. I like how easy it is to follow cam23 related tweets by using the cam23 hash tag. I also like the social aspect of Twitter, it is a fun way to have conversations and discussions, as well as being a good method of sharing information.  We have a Twitter feed for the Education Faculty Library, which is mainly used for updating about opening hours.

A bit about Tags…

A lot of the websites I use (or have used in the past) incorporate tags. Tag clouds and lists are one of the first things I tend to look for when I find a new blog, as I find them really helpful when I’m looking for information about a certain subject. As a result I’ve tried to be consistent in my tagging for this blog. WordPress has a tool which suggests tags you have used previously and your most used tags, which helps to use the same ones rather than making up new ones all the time! I wish my approach to tagging hadn’t been so haphazard on other sites.  I can rarely find what I’m looking for in my own Flickr photographs through the tags, so what hope does anyone else have?

(Pokemon image from Bulbagarden)

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