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This is the first time I’ve used Doodle (well, it’s yet another tool I’d never even heard of before Cam23), and it was a far better experience than I had predicted. It’s very simple to set up and uncomplicated to use. I like the way it gives you some hints about how to get the best results whilst you are building your poll. Although I found it easy to use,  I’m not sure how much I would use Doodle for meetings within our library.  However, I would certainly consider using it if I were trying to organise a much larger meeting with people outside of our library. I’ll probably give some of the other suggested tools (meet-o-matic and Tungle.me) a go just to see how they compare.

Next up is  Google calendar! I haven’t been using a calendar of my own recently, as most of our library schedule is available through our CamTools site. However, I’ve been using Google Calendar to schedule when to do particular tasks (as well as stuff outside of work)  and it’s working well! It’s less fiddly than my phone calendar, and the email updates are useful.  The calendar is fairly simple to use and I’ve added it to my iGoogle page. As Emma-Jane mentioned in her entry about Google Calendar, I could see it being useful to our library during Michaelmas Term when we have lots of new groups of students coming in to register.

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