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I’m incredibly impressed by all the Cam23 blogs so far!  Since the blog roll has become so vast,  I’ve used Girl in the Moon’s shared feed to add all of the blogs to Google Reader. I only have 300 posts left to view until I’m caught up ;D

I chose WordPress to create my blog, as I have used Blogger previously and wanted to try something new (well that and I was wooed by the pretty layouts).

Overall, it’s been going pretty well.  As a site, I find WordPress to be well presented and easy to navigate. Writing blog entries is simple as you can either use a visual editor (lets you easily add pictures, format text and add links) or an HTML editor (if you feel brave and want to fiddle about with code). I’m lazy, so I write mine in the visual one. The site saves in progress posts automatically, which is really useful. It also has an option to schedule a post for a specific time. I’m trying it out with this entry, so If you can read this, it’s worked!

I’ve found reading peoples Cam23 blogs really interesting. Not only is it great to see whether people like the tools or not, I like seeing how what people have been using them for. I’ve just got to be brave now and comment on a few peoples blogs!

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