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Links. by Ravages @ Flickr

Links. by Ravages @ Flickr

I can’t lie, I’m just not very social on my social network sites. When I first joined Facebook (sometime during university) I was more excited about it. I updated my status, uploaded photo’s and added a virtual squirrel as a pet. Nowadays, I really only use it for messaging other people and arranging events. I think what put me off eventually was the constant invitations for apps, games and widgets. I know you can stop these now, but now there are so many apps that I just ignore them now.

Although I’m not as enamoured with Facebook as I once was, I can appreciate how it can be useful for libraries. I visited the Cambridge library pages suggested in the Cam23 instruction post, and found them to be informative and interesting. I thought that these libraries had definitely made the best of the Facebook platform by adding photo’s, details of events and news as well as contact information and opening hours. I really liked the English Faculty Libraries photographs of their displays. I also like the addition of copac search boxes, useful links and new books on these pages.

I’ve also spent some time exploring Linkedin (although I haven’t signed up for it, as I don’t really have a use for it at this time). I can see why it works well for business networking. The information on the page is all related to education and jobs (no virtual pets and farm games here!) I like that you can add your twitter feed to your page, and join groups that are relevant to your profession.

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