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La caverne aux livres

Image by gadl @ Flickr, click for original.

I think Flickr is awesome. It’s probably my most visited website (yes even more so than my email). I’ve been using Flickr to organise and share my photography for several years now, and I haven’t found anything that beats it. It’s easy to tag and group your photos into sets (you can even group your sets into collections if you want to be super organised!) You can also send your photographs to groups which collect photographs on a theme. I also enjoy how social Flickr is, you can add other users as contacts, follow their photostreams and comment on their work. I recommend taking some time to browse through Explore, and look at the most interesting photography from the last 7 days.

Image by Thomas Hawk @ Flickr, click for original.

Before Cam23, I’d never used Flickr to look for Creative Commons material. I think it’s a great idea to make it easy to search for material you can use, and the Creative Commons icons on these photos gives a clear breakdown of how exactly you can use the images, something I had found a bit confusing previously.  I think a Flickr site for our library would be a nice way to display photographs from events and of displays.

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