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I have to admit, despite being a self-confessed internet addict I’d never even heard of iGoogle before looking at the 23 things list. I must have been living under a different internet rock.

After signing up for iGoogle, I set about adding gadgets and gizmos to the page (after the inevitable 20 minutes spent trying to pick a theme).

What do I like about iGoogle? I like being able to make separate tags for different purposes. I can keep all the useful, work related gadgets in one tag, and the distracting ones in another (whether I can resist clicking on to it is a different matter). I like that the gadgets can be rearranged easily by dragging them around the screen.

I’ll talk about Google reader and rss feeds in my next blog but I found adding them to my iGoogle page really straightforward. I’ve added both the COPAC gadget and the Cambridge library widget, both of which I’ve used and seem to work pretty well.  My favourite gadgets so far are TwitterGadget and My Flickr, which I think are pretty good compact versions of the orignal sites.

I’ve set iGoogle as my home page, and I’m hoping I’ll come to use it more over the course of Cam23 and find out if it saves me time, or if I get too distracted by shiny things. We shall see!

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