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Whachoo lookin' at? by code poet @ Flickr

Whachoo lookin' at? by code poet @ Flickr

Google Doc’s turned out to be yet another “I wish I’d known about that earlier” tool. My lecturers at University loved group projects and presentations, and I always found them a complete hassle to organise and complete. I have a feeling Google Docs would have saved us a lot of stress.

I think Google Docs is an excellent way of sharing a document (as long as the folks you are sending it to have signed up!) I found it very self explanatory, uploading and sharing a document was really easy, and my colleague was able to open and edit the document with no problems. My colleagues successfully sent documents to me, including a cute picture of an Axolotl from Heather.

I like the way it isn’t limited to just word documents too, as you have the option of creating/uploading spreadsheets, presentations and drawings. I am mostly likely to use Google Doc’s as a way to store documents online so I can access them on multiple computers instead of storing them all in my email. So Google Doc’s gets a thumbs up from me!

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