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Whachoo lookin' at? by code poet @ Flickr

Whachoo lookin' at? by code poet @ Flickr

Google Doc’s turned out to be yet another “I wish I’d known about that earlier” tool. My lecturers at University loved group projects and presentations, and I always found them a complete hassle to organise and complete. I have a feeling Google Docs would have saved us a lot of stress.

I think Google Docs is an excellent way of sharing a document (as long as the folks you are sending it to have signed up!) I found it very self explanatory, uploading and sharing a document was really easy, and my colleague was able to open and edit the document with no problems. My colleagues successfully sent documents to me, including a cute picture of an Axolotl from Heather.

I like the way it isn’t limited to just word documents too, as you have the option of creating/uploading spreadsheets, presentations and drawings. I am mostly likely to use Google Doc’s as a way to store documents online so I can access them on multiple computers instead of storing them all in my email. So Google Doc’s gets a thumbs up from me!

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So the deadline for Cam23 is starting to loom in a slightly ominous fashion! Roll on Thing 18!

It’s been a while since I’ve written any essays! Like lots of other people, my referencing technique of choice was just to note down my references as I went along. Whilst this worked perfectly well, I can certainly see the appeal of referencing programs like Zotero.

I have to admit I felt a little bit lost when I initially opened up the Zotero window in Firefox, so I found the video tutorial in the Zotero quick start guide really helpful. Now that I’ve had a bit of time to play around with Zotero, it isn’t as intimidating as I had originally thought. It’s easy to add new material to your library, and I like that you can add multiple items from a list. I also like how easy it it to group your references into sections, good if you are working on multiple projects at the same time! The ability to add notes to an item is also pretty useful. The group library function also offers great potential for building reading lists and gathering useful information for users.

I’d definitely use Zotero if I needed to compile a bibliography or reading list. I’ll be installing it on my laptop at home (when it comes back from being repaired D:  )

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After a week on holiday and then a couple of busy weeks in our library, I’ve found myself falling behind on my 23 things! Since I’m feeling a bit like a guilty child who hasn’t done her homework on time, here are my comments on SlideShare and Delicious.

I’m finding it a bit difficult to write anything about SlideShare that hasn’t been said already. I don’t really use powerpoint a huge amount (the last presentation I made was in University!), but I can appreciate that it could be useful to be able to share presentations easily. As many other people have pointed out, the quality and usefulness of the presentations differ greatly. Whilst some presentations may still be fairly clear without sound (or attending the original presentation) others may make very little sense! I like that being able to add audio to your presentations is an option and that you can add notes to accompany the slides.

Our Library uses powerpoint presentations as part of the library induction process. These are uploaded onto the students CamTools sites so they can access them at anytime. I can see that Slideshare could be another place to upload them or a place for distance students with no access to CamTools to look at them.

Onto Delicious!

I have used Delicious a couple of times (back when it was Del.icio.us), but only to browse other users bookmarks on particular subjects. Since I already have a Yahoo account, I decided I would join Delicious and have a bash at adding and tagging bookmarks. I like the idea behind Delicious. My browser bookmarks have got a little disorganised and difficult to navigate, as they are a mix of websites and random articles and links. Since I find stuff I want to go back to look at again all the time, I thought Delicious would be right up my street.

How easy is Delicious to use? Very! I’ve added the bookmarklets to my Firefox bookmark toolbar (I’ll probably install the full Firefox add-on on my PC at home). Now I only need to click on “Bookmark on Delicious” and I can save any links instantly, as well as add any tags and a description.

I’ll report back on how I’m getting on with Delicious when I’ve used it a bit more, but I have a feeling it’s going to be one of the most useful things so far! Will it save me from my haphazard bookmarking ways?

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I was going to use a picture of the blue twitter bird for this post, but the urge to post a cute bird Pokemon prevailed.

I’ve got a twitter account for my hobby blog, which I’ve used for a while. I don’t update it as often as   I’d like, but when I do it’s usually to tweet about pictures I’ve posted on Flickr (as you can link the two together by using the ‘blog about’ function on Flickr).  I’ve installed the twitterfeed on my iGoogle, and I’m going to try one of the desktop clients at home. Hopefully by exploring it a bit more, I’ll find more and more benefits and uses for Twitter in libraries.  My Cam23 tweets can be found over here and I’ve added a shiny new ‘Follow Me’ button to my blog page.

I found twitter became more interesting and useful as I added people to follow.  It’s a good way to get information, especially when people post links to blogs/websites of relevance. I like how easy it is to follow cam23 related tweets by using the cam23 hash tag. I also like the social aspect of Twitter, it is a fun way to have conversations and discussions, as well as being a good method of sharing information.  We have a Twitter feed for the Education Faculty Library, which is mainly used for updating about opening hours.

A bit about Tags…

A lot of the websites I use (or have used in the past) incorporate tags. Tag clouds and lists are one of the first things I tend to look for when I find a new blog, as I find them really helpful when I’m looking for information about a certain subject. As a result I’ve tried to be consistent in my tagging for this blog. WordPress has a tool which suggests tags you have used previously and your most used tags, which helps to use the same ones rather than making up new ones all the time! I wish my approach to tagging hadn’t been so haphazard on other sites.  I can rarely find what I’m looking for in my own Flickr photographs through the tags, so what hope does anyone else have?

(Pokemon image from Bulbagarden)

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